Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Over many years (vintage contains the word age unfortunately!) I’ve come to realize that no matter how driven we are, we all need: a) a Raison D’être (translation: a reason to be), which is not about our kids or our partner – but something that is uniquely ours b) a Passion, – not for someone (although that’s fine too!) but for what we are doing or better still for everything we do and, c) Inspiration.

We all have an inkling about where our raison d’etre lies; but you may have to dig to develop it, hopefully the stories which will be shared here might make that journey easier.

Since you wouldn’t take your car to be serviced by someone who had never owned one, why would you be inspired from someone who hasn’t faced the unique challenge of being a woman.  Of course, you can be inspired to write or paint by the beautiful lines of an arabian mare, or the shadows on the face of a mountain,  it is just not in the same context.

Certainly there is no gender to passion – except men don’t get what we get passionate about and vice versa.   Hmm interesting that.

When it comes to Information –  no need to have someone talk down to you or get tech’d! You ask the question and we’ll try to find the answer.

We are all forced to be ‘Everywoman’ ~everything to everyone. There are magazines for young girls, teen girls, young women, young mothers, and design, crafting and housekeeping blurbs for the rest of us ~ Well be still my beating heart! that just doesn’t cut it.  (addendum Aug 2010 – there are now a slew of magazines for women our age, but its all beauty products, and movie stars as usual).

In helping women friends and contacts with issues  in their lives or networking them with people that could help over the last several years  I was told again and again – “you need to have a newsletter or write about this stuff”.   What I discovered was the satisfaction I got from helping and the drive it gave me to learn more, quickly became my passion.  In reaching out to friends and clients from my 9-5 job I discovered something about myself,  I want to provide a resource for women flirting with Forty or Fifty or..(which end of these decades we wont discuss) particularly women going through a change . This forum is, or will be with your help a place for inspiration, information and the humor that goes with negotiating the maze this far.

Welcome to my world! Come on in, put your feet up and help yourself to a glass of what you fancy.

A little more about me I’m originally from the UK, so if you notice any funny terms, references, spelling  or a particularly dry sense of humor that’s what it is (think House in heels).., alternately I may have found an open bottle of  Gewurztraminer, feel free to ask if it’s not clear. Yes, I shave my legs, bathe twice a day! and, my teeth are only mildly askew (someone told me to make reference to Austin Powers, but that’s a guy thing ~ and he’s a Canadian pretending to be a Brit!).  I have 2 daughters (a teenager and a tween) my greatest joy and, biggest challenge of my life and occasionally the reason for the wine depending on the day.   I make no apology for the fact that I am craft challenged! My idea of crafting is to tear the name and address section of my junk mail into confetti!

My name is Laine and I am a woman of a certain age!