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Diary of a Teenager on Summer Vacation

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Diary of a teenager on summer vacation:

Get up no earlier than 11 am (stretch it to 1.30pm if no-one is watching, text,  eat breakfast, watch TV, text, don’t shower, whine, sigh, breathe heavily with emphasis on the humph at the end,

Mom I'm bored!

Mom, I'm bored! How does this thing work, just put your leg through. Getting 'tired' swinging in Munds Park Arizona.

loaf around not doing chores, text, complain, eat, kvetch, text, empty their closet onto the bed to find something to wear, text, ask you to drive 20 miles, ask you to pick them up, ask if they can eat the leftovers, tell you they’ve nothing to do, generally schlep, still don’t pick up their clothes, tell you they’re bored!, sigh alot,

Mom I'm hungry!

Mom, I’m hungry! Dining in Carefree Arizona.

change clothes in case that helps, ask you to drive them somewhere else, snack, moan, text, ask you to drive another 20 miles, lounge, text, ask for money, ask for food,  text, sigh,  roll their eyes, tell you they love you, ask if they’re still your favorite, text,

There's nothing to do!

Mom, there's nothing to do! Bored riding at Mormon Lake Arizona.

still no chores!, text, TV, ask what’s for dinner.

Was it like this when we were teenagers?  How did we survive!

The ennui, the drama, the angst, the incessant eating and, the fact that nothing in the closet or pantry is suitable for their needs.



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  1. Oh Laine that’s the truth! My kids were the same way until they got summer jobs or until I asked them to volunteer somewhere for a couple of hours each day. When we were younger we would ride our bikes all over the place, go to the library, go swimming with friends and talk on the phone. I do recall saying I was bored but then my mother would put me to work dusting or something. I learned not to say that too often!

  2. I’ll probably be the first of many to say this, but I’ll bite, “Have you been hiding in my house?”


  3. Laine D. says:

    I thought you might understand my current angst Joan!

    It would seem that girls and boys aren’t that different to girls after all – your post about the Thing2’s bedroom Choosing my battles had me nodding in agreement and checking the girl’s bedrooms. Although J normally adopts a more stealthy or should I say sneaky approach taking great pains and inordinate amount of time to hide her clean and dirty laundry under furniture, stuffed animals etc.

    The funny part is the girls are now babysitting 9 and 11 year old boys, whose Mom is delighted that her boys are now tidying their rooms and getting up and showering in order to impress J & K!! I’m just wondering who I need to import to have the same effect ~ want to swap a kid?

    Laine D.

  4. Laine D. says:

    Isn’t it funny Nancy! Having a military Dad I certainly didn’t manage to dodge chores. The girls do volunteer (Cat Rescue and Horse Rescue) and work (Babysit a couple of times a week) but have found they can cram a lot into a day…

    I think part of the issue is that each of their ‘occupations’ is a distance from the others, if they sleep at home or sleep over they have ‘floppy time’ here (the transition time ‘between’ waking up and going to do something) and they don’t quite understand that I work and can’t be doing mammoth car trips 6 times a day, there is no public transport and its way too hot to walk or bike (110 degrees today).

    I’m trying to introduce a trading currency were a certain amount of driving equates to a certain amount of work ~ good luck on that right!

    I do miss them when they are gone, but they always leave the house looking like a disaster area and they leave me with orders to collect them with XYZ at a certain time for the next round. Oh Joy!

    I will survive though – Right?

    Laine D.

  5. Very very funny Laine! Without teenagers of my own, I can only compare my own childhood summer which were pretty packed with activities (not necessarily the “organized” kind — we had space & freedom, bikes & skates, etc…)

    My mom did have the summer currency chart for things we wanted/wanted to do which involved chores plus advanced reading. For each chore a certain number of points was awarded (depending on difficulty & duration) and the same for books read. It totally worked! but again, that was in the old days before cable tv and cell phones! :)

    Heidi & Atticus
    “commentary to give you paws..”

  6. Oh, Laine! What a relief to know all children are alike. :-) I kind of miss the sighs and eye rolling (the girls are in college now so have grown out of that and the boy would just eat & slept & eat some more!). Goodness, where does the food go? It was great reading you.

    caregiving. family. advocacy.
    Twitter: robertssister1

  7. This was really funny–and what’s most interesting is I recognize it even though I don’t have teenagers! Two of my step-children have lived with me at various points in their teenage lives, so I guess I got a taste (variations on a theme), but I was as much a witness as an active participant (part of the whole step-parent oddness).

    Most of all I want to say how glad I am to see you in print again! Don’t make us beg for more!

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer
    “Word maven loves–and learns from–ordinary life.”

  8. Hi Laine,
    yay, you’re back!!! I’ve been craving your great sense of humor and wonderful writing skills (in form of a blog post) :-)
    I remember when I was a teenager, life really sucked. They all acted weird, nothing made sense, time just didn’t get by, everything was boring and I wasn’t allowed ANYTHING (my perspective). Looking back, my Mom was actually great in letting us sleep in on our vacations -but only when my Dad wasn’t around, he had to work anyways.. We had to do chores around the house but it was more our Dad who made us do stuff. Good part: we made money when we painted the fence or did some other major work outside.
    Luckily, we had our bikes and it wasn’t too hot so at least sometimes I was able to escape to go to the library (of course I was hanging out in parks staring at boys with my friends…).

    Nice post! I relate to your daughters, lol

    Franziska San Pedro
    The Abstract Impressionist Artress

  9. bccmee says:

    It reads like a modern Jane Austen! In 200 years, our lives will look as glamorous and mysterious as a country ball at Netherfield.

  10. Fiona Stolze says:

    Laine, this was just so funny. This is just exactly the way it is with our kids. I think they all read the same manual…

    I’ve got 3 boys, no girls, but am assured by mums of girls that they are not much different regarding being tidy and doing chores. My dad was the one who always made me do chores but that’s the way I got to earn pocket money.

    I’m convinced the boys swallow attitude pills once a day to keep their skill levels up. One thing is for sure, they don’t think I have anything to offer them now as a mum who is so out of touch with needs of teenagers. I’m just not cool enough. But you know what, I’m cool with not being cool. :-)

    Fiona Stolze
    Inspired Art and Living

  11. Laine D. says:

    Fiona, Isn’t that the truth I’m dealing the good, the bad and the ugly all in one child! One minute they’re hugging me and the next its the eye rolling.

    ‘We’ decided (family meeting just the girls and I) decided I would give them pocket money in exchange for help around the house, first they insisted that they didn’t need me to pay them (I pay for everything anyway) – they suckered me in well! Of course I insisted and now I am giving them an allowance, they will tell me they’ve done it or I get ‘later’ , to use there words ‘Na ah!’ Then they’ll speed off to their next appointment (movies, babysitting, sleepover), would that I had a life like it. I’m realizing greatest tool is I’m the driver, so we apply the ‘in my time’ and ‘show me’ tests.

    You and I can be ‘cool’ together!


  12. Laine D. says:

    Oh Bcc Mee! ( Laughing), maybe it’s like the spoiled sisters in law” Henrietta and Louisa (hopefully not the unpleasant and demanding Elizabeth) in Persuasion. If that is true maybe I can get Captain Wentworth . I know her big hero was Darcy but he was a little too haughty for my tastes.

    Sorry for the delay my next piece might be about the perils of letting ones techie back up your system!!!

    Laine D.

  13. Laine D. says:

    Your subtle reminders worked, I finally found something that I could start and finish and knew it would make you happy! A little brief and definitely non cerebral but… the thought lasted long enough to find the necessary images.

    I love the currency chart! We definitely need to visit that being at the stage where what I do for them is still not counted in the mix but… my sister and I were out from dawn til dusk but our activities weren’t spread any further than our bikes or public transport could take us! Now much planning and driving are involved – oh joy!

    Thanks for the never-ending encouragement my friend – your are my source and muse (whether in your fluffy persona or non).

    Laine D.
    “Aspire to Inspire”

    Loved your article about the mega dog park! Puptopia !

  14. Laine D. says:


    I do miss them when they are gone ~ (don’t tell them though) although I recover very quickly as soon as they return, laundry in hand! If you need a top up of teenage angst or feeding frenzy I will be happy to ship them off to you for a weekend. You are so right about the food, I have a sneaking suspicious that one of their ancestors was a waste disposal unit.

    I’ve always said that I learn a lot from my girls and was particularly delighted by your article on what you learn from Robert 9 Things I learned from Robert (and about myself) this weekend.

    Laine D.
    “Aspire to Inspire”

  15. Laine D. says:

    Hey Judy,

    Thank you for your words and encouragement. The Circulation Desk Team has really been a huge part of my impetus to write again.

    I wonder is ‘teenage’ a forgotten language in all of our lives? A phase that we all remember almost like an out of body experience? I’ve never done the step mom gig and don’t relish the nightmare without the power but have certainly witnessed it, (although my ex’s last ex has informed her children (no actual relation to me or my girls) that if anything happens to her they will be coming to live with me !! Oh Joy).

    The thoughtfulness and weight of the words in your work inspires me beyond words, your Midsummer Reflection and Review article Why Today Is A Great Day for Reflection and Review gave me great pause about how I can build in times to write! However, while I am working on it the seconds I can grab seem better used on commenting versus commentary. I have much to learn from you my own personal Yoda!

    Laine D.
    “Aspire to Inspire”

  16. Laine D. says:

    Liebe Freunde,

    I am back! All teen presence allowing I’m going to try to keep writing. Thanks for the kind words ~ I hope you know how much your support means to me as well as the amazing images you produce! How can anyone fail to be inspired by beauty you create and your recent foray into Room Design.

    I think my teen years were more like yours and maybe my situation is exacerbated by being an only parent – I have to request the work and allow the ‘play’ time all in one 😀 The biggest challenge is the driving time with temps already in the 110 – 115 range riding far on their bikes isn’t an option and taking time away from my work gives me less time to write.

    I think Fred needs to come and live with me!

    Laine D.
    “Aspire to Inspire”

  17. Neha says:

    OMG!!! That sounds like a great summer except my mom would not drive me around like that because of work lol. I recently went to India and pretty much depended on evenings to be going out to have fun with my family. It was great fun and memories. Honestly, it wasn’t just me as a teenager, I still am like that lol!!!

  18. Laine, you poor thing, you make me not want to have kids. I think the worst thing that happened to teenagers was social media and texting. It took everything that teens normally go through and powered it up with the fire of a million exploding suns. The biggest thing that I see here, and stand by, it giving the kids something to work on. If they fill their lives with purpose they’ll have no time for the inane. Luckily I was the kind of kid who was happy staying in his room, drawing, reading comics and listening to music. I never gave my parents grief because I just wanted to keep doing what I loved to do. I bet I wont get one like me, huh? :)

  19. Laine D. says:

    Oh don’t get me wrong my girls are actually incredibly industrious but since they are occupied from 6.30am to 9.30pm (horses, school, volleyball, honor society, volunteering at a small animal rescue and a horse rescue, dressage and show jumping plus chores and babysitting) during the school year the summer slow down gets to them. Oh and I forgot my oldest is into Anime, computers, sketching and music. I have them maxed out because if they’re busy they are not tempted to get into anything they shouldn’t be!

    Time is elastic to a kid, and ‘I’m bored’ can relate to a whole 15 minutes while they’re waiting for food. Having kids can actually be the best adventure you ever had, I guarantee you will love it!


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