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Focus – Everything In Its Own Time

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Have you noticed how there is a season for everything? I’m not talking about the weather or time but more that ideas catch on when the world is ready to hear them.

For example, we’ve always needed light, but the incandescent lamp couldn’t be invented until they world was ready! In prehistoric times our caves were lit by fires, then wooden stakes dipped in pitch, then someone realized that certain oils burn and developed a container to hold the oils with a wick only to be replaced by candles and gas lamps backed by polished metal and mirrors and lenses to focus the light. Each idea had its time, its place, a series of events and discoveries which led to the next idea. Every method was honed, refined, added to giving more and more light. When Edison invented the incandescent lamp it was “when the world was ready for his discovery”.  It’s pure supposition on my part, but had someone invented the idea earlier it couldn’t have caught on, a series of other inventions and materials had to be discovered for it to happen.

The Green Movement has been around since the mid 60’s and went ‘viral’ at a little concert called Woodstock (44 years ago) but no one was willing to accept it as anything other than a “Hippy” thing. It wasn’t needed!

Then of course there is the “Renaissance Inventor” himself, Leonardo Da Vinci – whether his ideas would have worked or not remains to be seen but basically they were all dependent on other things being discovered, fuels, propulsion systems. They just hadn’t reached their season.

I watched a TED talk recently by an amazing man ~  Woody Norris, a fascinating guy with a contagious boyish excitement for what he does.  At the time this talk was filmed had 41 Patents and 15 inventions, yet he said he is only “kinda smart” and admits he never finished college.   He said several things that clicked for me:

“As it is ready, the world is ready to accept it” and

“Virtually nothing has been invented yet”.

Norris is now working on ‘focusing sound’, taking our current audio or linear method using the speed of sound back to basics to hyper- sonics, I think I got that right but it was a little beyond me (- hmm “Kinda smart”! :D).

Check out his TED Talk here : TED Talks Woody Norris Invents Amazing Things

His TED talk did however give me a couple of (if you’ll forgive my pun) light bulb moments of my own:

You don’t have to wear a suit or be perfectly scripted to appear professional or intelligent.   In fact presentation is like an iceberg with 7/8ths below the water – confidence is part of the uniform. If you are confident what you’re wearing matters less. Even lapses in coherence can make you seem more real as long as you are speaking with total passion and conviction and are willing to laugh at yourself.

It is not what you invent but how you focus it that is important – any item, method, product or service you ‘invent’ is also dependent on the time being right, and other components being in place. Wine has always been popular but Gary Vaynerchuk matched a new market trend in the working class with a newly emerging delivery system and Wine Library TV was born.

So, don’t be deterred! Undoubtedly you saw some need in the world that made you focus on your idea, when you are ready to launch the world will be ready to receive you, be passionate, confident, speak with conviction and your season will come.



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  1. Yes, I think everything in life happens for a reason, and it’s all to take you to the next natural progression. This blog has some very good points for people who may be feeling down or discouraged – don’t worry, your time will come!

    Sharon Hiebing
    Follow Your Dream Compass

  2. I love TED! always great speakers but I didn’t see this one. Thanks for the link.

    His premise is so interesting and true — timing is everything for a new idea or launch. Our collective consciousness needs to be ready to receive and “get” it.

    I Love your last sentence, Laine! Our season will come :)

  3. Laine D. says:

    I’ve already had my 1st taste of this Sharon, had a very successful product years ago and was forced to walk away for my own safety.

    I’ve also had a career that was successful, but I am finding I am more ‘me’ than I’ve ever been and will see what that brings – cryptic I know, but Thoughts is more an outreach and self analysis than anything at the moment. I know I want to inspire women to reinvent themselves.. as that is who I am! Not sure if that is a product though?

    I’m “Following my Dream Compass” 😀 and waiting to see where it leads.

    Laine D.

  4. Laine D. says:

    Me too! Very rarely heard a TED talk I didn’t enjoy.

    Woody Norris is amazing, in fact I’m in love – this is the sort of man I love. Contagious joy and excitement. Probably hard to live with but (aren’t they all anyway) the conversations would be amazing.

    Looking at the world from a different perspective is the key – something you and Atticus are already doing and I can see it spiraling already. Our time is coming.

    Laine D.

  5. I find it interesting how things take shape. I think about how excited I was when I got an electric typewriter in college. Now I get frustrated when my internet is slow.

    Julia M Lindsey
    Our Little Books

  6. Laine D. says:

    From rock art, to hieroglyph, to illuminated scrolls, parchment, paper and on… I learned to type on one of those old sit up and beg typewriters and was so impressed when I got to use an electric one with a built in corrector ribbon. I wonder what is next a processor that reads what you are thinking! Progress is amazing and the world re-imagined is still science fiction!

    Laine D.

  7. My season has arrived – whoo-hoo! Develop a method to help women reinvent themselves the same way you have and yes, you have a product :-) I LOVE helping others use their natural gifts to transform lives. Looking forward to watching you shine :-)
    Brandy Mychals
    Split Second Perceptions

  8. Laine D. says:

    It certainly has Brandy!

    I’m not sure you can teach people to be stubborn, that’s probably my biggest asset! As you’ve discovered teaching people they have a voice and an audience is one of the most validating things there is.

    Maybe you should share your story in my reinvention section – Aspire to Inspire, Louise wrote her story (Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost) as did Catherine Healey (You Are Doomed IF You Dont Try).

    Me too!
    Laine D

  9. Sue Paananen says:

    Very good points about being the right timing for things. I participated in an in-depth Green Awareness program for 6 months back in 1991, and no one else was doing this then, it was a pilot project with just a few participants and we were paid to participate. But I have never used harsh cleaning products since, among other things I learned.

    Sue Paananen
    Personal Tech Support

  10. Laine D. says:

    I agree completely Sue, the difference between a tree hugging hippy and an groundbreaking eco entrepreneur is about 10-15 years. Its not just having an idea but having an idea in a time frame where people can accept it! Our time is now!

    Laine D.

  11. bccmee says:

    Absolutely. It’s a matter of attitude more than aptitude.

  12. Laine D. says:

    Completely Bccmee! Ideas are always around sometimes it just takes a while for them to fit in.

    Laine D.

  13. Frank Woodman Jr says:

    Well Laine you’ve done a very good job of shedding a little light of your own with this post. And you’re very insightful look at just why we grow and progress because of those who came before us as much as for what we add ourselves is certainly correct. Even Isaac Newton said, “If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”

    But I would add that as much as we achieve and advance based on the work of those who have gone before who have made the world ready for our ideas and achievements we also add what only we can add.

    For just as the world needs to be ready for a thought, idea or invention to come into existence it also takes the unique prism of our mind to bend the thoughts, ideas, and inventions of our time into those new ones only we can create.

    And that shines a light on what’s most important for each of us to remember… we are unique and so bring unique insights and knowledge that only we have into this world. That is why it’s so important we do and become all we can be. For each of us holds some unique part or piece of knowledge needed by everyone but possessed only by us.

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