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Married to your Business

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10 Things Marriage and Business Have in Common

Did you realize when you decided to start your business just how similar it is to being married?
1.       Each takes work, inordinate amounts of work and maintenance.

2.       If you’re required to change or be something other than yourself, it’s probably not a good idea.

3.       Those that work well have taken the time to define expectations and deliverables before entering into a contract.
due diligence
4.       Some level of due diligence is required, getting to know spouse or client as you end up dealing with the current arrangement and any negative history.

5.       If you enter into either relationship with someone you don’t like (not love) things are going to get ugly quickly.

6.   It’s not a good idea to enter into these institutions if you don’t have a true passion for what you’re doing.

7.   If you dabble at either, it going to cost you – big time!


8.   Ignorance is not bliss but stupidity.

9.    Having a budget is key.

10.  Both require commitment and taking too much time away from one to deal with the other will cause both to fail.

And finally….. that you need all the luck you can get!



15 Responses to “Married to your Business”
  1. Fiona Stolze says:

    What a wonderful post, Laine. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and yuo’re spot on. ‘Inordinate amouns of work and maintenance’ – being present and working it every minute is a big requirement. Time to go through a second time and check off the boxes…think I’ve got my work cut out for me! :-)


    Fiona Stolze

  2. good points, Laine. I much prefer being married to my business than to my ex-husband!!!

    Heidi (and Atticus say hello :) )

  3. Wow, how true! Never thought of it like this. Particularly like #4. Very clever post.

    Sharon Hiebing
    Follow Your Dream Compass

  4. Laine D. says:

    This was a conversation I had in my head the other day, anyone who thinks its going to be easy needs to think again… but wait I’m not sure which institution I’m talking about LOL!

    #4 Oh yes! the dreaded and always present ~ we all have to deal with baggage! 😀

    Laine D.

  5. Laine D. says:

    You weren’t married to a guy called Eric were you?

    I’d much rather than do anything than be married to mine! I knew we had a lot in common 😀

    Much better to have a relationship were the love is unconditional – oh wait you do with Atticus (I’m jealous – my Xander while devastatingly handsome and lovable doesn’t have Atti’s skill with words)

    Laine D.

  6. Laine D. says:

    I was just being frivolous when I started the list but the similarities are very close.

    Time for your blog to show us whats in those boxes – the dress sounds beautiful.

    Laine D

  7. Mari-Lyn says:

    What a great post – it’s a good thing that my hubby and I work at home, otherwise we wouldn’t see each other..Yes, it seems I am married to everything I do

  8. Great comparison, Laine! I’ll have to keep this in mind with dating… :-) I totally agree that when it comes to business, if you aren’t doing what you love, you won’t love what you are doing and that means no fun!
    Brandy Mychals
    Split Second Perceptions

  9. Laine D. says:

    Thanks Brandy! Although I would never suggest taking dating advice from me ~ I suck 😛 It’s too horrible to talk about in polite company.

    Business however….

    Absolutely “Do what you love and love what you do” … I’m loving running Social Media for someone else, something I learned to do by developing my site to help others reinvent themselves, but not sure how turn that into a business yet ~ although public speaking is hopefully a part of it. Loving this challenge too! Thanks for setting it up.
    Laine D.

  10. Laine D. says:

    As it should be Mari-Lyn! You have what the rest of us only dream of 😀 Laine D.

  11. Sue Paananen says:

    So true, so true. Easy to get personal on this one. For a season, my business is getting all my time and attention, but that’s o.k. since I’m single.

    Sue Paananen
    Computer Coach

  12. Laine D. says:

    Exactly Sue, the analogies are scary – me too.

    Probably easier to build a relationship around a successful business ~ as long as they are not after your money 😀

    Thanks for reading
    Laine D.

  13. You need to be passionate about your business and your marriage. It seems that passion is easier to maintain in a business than in a marriage.

    It is much easier to quit a business than a marriage.

  14. Laine D. says:

    Absolutely Julia that would be the ideal to be passionate about both.

    I think people frequently quit on a marriage because its hard but maybe that’s because marriage and divorce is too easy here. All linked to that throw away age we live in, hopefully there will be a backlash were marriage becomes popular again but I’m not holding my breath.

    Laine D.


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