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Sky High Prices on Airport Car Hire

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We are all prisoners of convenience but do you realize how much time and money it costs you? Car Rental companies inside the Airport Loop are charged a concession or impact fee to do business on Airport property and guess what… they then pass the surcharge on to you!!!!! Ouch!$$$$!

Fly Drive

Fly Drive

If you are flying over the holidays and need a car, You can save yourself 30% or more (even taking into account the cab fare) by booking a  car from a rental facility OUTSIDE the Airport loop and You can also avoid the lines at the terminal facility

You can still use the same well known providers you would usually (most Car Hire companies have multiple facilities close by and frequently even transfer vehicles between stores) and it couldn’t be easier with new mapping programs. Plus now many Car Dealerships, like Toyota are renting cars too.

Either ask for directions to be sent with your confirmation and take a cab,  or if you’re traveling midweek you may even be able to bargain for an even lower rate and/or pick up from the airport too due to quotas and the fact that overheads are lower.

If you just can’t be bothered do yourself the favor of checking anyway and get a reference number and contact with your quote because many companies have a price match policy!

Note: Since the Feds launched their crackdown on unsafe rental cars at Thanksgiving, there couldn’t be a safer time to rent.



8 Responses to “Sky High Prices on Airport Car Hire”
  1. I did not know this – no wonder so many rental car agencies are off premises now. I always wondered why. Thanks for enlightening me. Makes me feel a lot better about the 10-15 minute bus ride to the agency.

    Sharon Hiebing
    Follow Your Dream Compass

  2. Laine D. says:

    Better still Sharon call them ahead of time and get them to pick you up! 😀

    Hope it helps
    Laine D

  3. Good advice, Laine. Car rental is so much easier online — easy to compare prices (even within the same rental company) and make reservations. and, like you said, don’t forget to print out all confirmation numbers.
    Happy travels everyone!

  4. Laine D. says:

    Absolutely! – individual offices will even compare with each others rates 😀 and saving 30 cents on every dollar adds up quickly.

    Laine D.

  5. Sue Paananen says:

    I travel a lot, so thanks for the info!

    Sue Paananen
    Computer Coach

  6. Laine D. says:

    I can promise it helps Sue! My sister is flying in just after Christmas and although she didn’t want to go ‘off airport’ the call provided leverage and a substantial savings.

    Safe travels!
    Laine D.


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