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Inspiration Everywhere and Not a Drop to Ink.

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Do you struggle to find topics? Or start a post and dry up?

Inspiration is a funny thing, it’s rather like public transportation… you can wait for hours and then 3 come along at once. Are you making the most of your moments of inspiration – whenever they occur?

36 to Lewisham - London Transport

36 to Lewisham - London Transport

I’ve been reading a lot of wonderful posts: Gail Nott’s “Getting Started with Blogging – 5 Tips to Making It Easy” & Julia Lindsey’s “Suffering from Writers Block? 7 Tips to Get You Back on Track” via Our Little Books recently illustrating methods to get started blogging and for getting passed a block, but what I realized that they didn’t cover one of my personal favorites.

It is simply subscribing to your own dialogue! Most of our material is written in the form of a monologue. Consider this: Is your best work written in the comments of someone else’s blog post, Linked In, Facebook or community forums?

I happened across the idea as a matter of necessity, various comments I wrote ‘got lost’ in the process – not deleted per se, but press the button and … nothing, nada, zip. Then I was stuck trying to remember what I had written! After many bouts of colorful epithets and seemingly permanent blue clouds, I began composing comments in a running document in Word. After some kind folks asked if they could quote me it finally dawned that some of my more inspired or erudite comments could be the beginnings of a blog post for me! Not verbatim of course, for some reason that seems to be ill spirited add in the necessary elaboration and explanation for context and the opportunity to backlink and voila! Of course there is is no harm nor foul in prefacing your writing with “I was part of a very interesting conversation on Brandy Mychals facebook page this Saturday..” .

By saving my bon mot in Word or notepad, I can re read my comments or the whole conversation and free flow around the subject. After reading Gail’s article I think adding a key by subject would work well too. We all know there are certain people who just strike sparks off us and bring out our best stuff whether they agree with us or not,so make the most of the magic. Of course as plagiarism is never appropriate and the mere hint can kill a budding career dead be sure to mention your comrades, forum etc. Let your friends and colleagues know you have been blogging further on the topic and you can be assured of healthy interaction in your comments with lots of mutually beneficial reciprocity and cross promotion.

To use the words of the famous Zen koan (philosophical riddle – meant to have no answer), “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” The concept of clapping implies that a sound is being produced by two surfaces coming into contact, even if only one of them is actually moving. No second surface, no sound, no clapping – use your dialogue to make a monologue.

Celebrate the inspiration your peers bring to your work.

Laine D



6 Responses to “Inspiration Everywhere and Not a Drop to Ink.”
  1. I love this idea, Laine! Quite inspired indeed. And I agree, retyping things verbatim on a blog post is not a good idea, nor is plagiarizing anyone else. I like all the links w/ giving credit due in your blog – that’s the true blogger spirit!!

    Sharon Hiebing
    Follow Your Dream Compass

  2. Laine D. says:

    Sharon – Just one of those necessity driven things! I think I was in full geek mode talking about women being a hidden demographic, when someone gave me the ultimate compliment of asking if she could quote me. I realized that we are so much more used to having a discussion than just writing a position paper 😀

    Of course since my memory doesn’t allow for total recall – it helps hugely too!

    Reciprocity is definitely what it is all about, so I wouldn’t dream of being any other way. I’ve been lucky to meet such great people and form such great bonds, when someone else’s content strikes a cord it seems only fair that you say something. In fact I have started a weekly feature based on my “Are you Positive” post and another I’m still working on, talking about whose article touched me or inspired me or made me think most in the prior week! Thanks for noticing – I’m looking forward to featuring you!

    Aspire to Inspire
    Laine D.

  3. Laine, we are two peas in a pod! I’ve been doing this as well and it’s an add-on to my “idea” pages. Very helpful to keep track of the little “gems” we sometimes pen as a comment. My Idea pages also include links to articles or artwork or blogs or quotes that spark me in some way.

    ps: don’t know how I missed this one! glad I found it :)

  4. Laine D. says:

    Oooo links added to the document ! clever – I’ve been cutting and pasting bits in – next to the topic or reason it ‘turned on the light’. I have to do that or may not have the same reaction when I see it again – not sure if its alzheimers or my multiple personality disorder showing through. Maybe the link with a cross reference!

    We definitely are a pair (sorry trio – can’t forget your other twin).

    Laine D


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