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Reducing Static or Booking a Seat in Hell

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Having blogged yesterday about Are you Positive ? the Art of Optimism , I find I need to take a slightly different tack in thinking about beingdisingenuousness today.

December 1st was World AIDS Day and my optimistic side was very impressed to hear that many stars and celebs were quite literally ransoming their presence on social media to raise money for this truly worthwhile cause. Stars like Alicia Keyes (co-founder of the charity: Keep a Child Alive), Usher, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and numerous others along with celebs like Ryan Seacrest and Kim Kardashian played DEAD as far as their Twitter and Facebook accounts were concerned until their fans paid to resurrect them.

Now here is the less than charitable part.... please forgive me, but I need to know if I have crossed over to the dark side or do others have the same reaction. All of the training and involvement I’ve had on social media talks about engagement, integrity, and trust. So if Kim Kardashian gets paid $10,000 per Tweet to tell people she’s longing for a Carl’s Jr Chicken Salad, or that she needs to get back on a particular diet product, are her fans not paying to let her make more money off them? Is she the equivalent of ‘static noise’ on our beloved media? (I might be tempted to pay double to keep her gone!)

Yes, yes , I know that many people sell or promote on Twitter and Facebook. But we have to hope (naive of me I’m sure) that ‘what’ they sell and ‘how’ they sell is more honestly done n’est pas? In fact I hope that they are promoting products they truly believe in and use. Does anyone in their right mind believe that Ms. Kardashian actually craves Carl’s Jr Chicken Salad – wasn’t she brought up in Beverly Hills with her own chef!

Maybe it was the image of her doing a Playboy Bunny pose in a coffin that sent me over the top (not even Ms. Meat Dress herself did that!) I could be that I am allergic to people who are famous just for being famous (maybe, infamous is a more appropriate word), or jealous that I’m not being paid $10K for a single tweet (nah! don’t think so). It does made me wonder if Al Capone or Adolf Hitler, were alive and donated huge amounts of money to charity, would I question their motives?

What do you think? Am I just staking my claim to a seat in the crispier side of hell? Do people’s motives really matter? (This may be one of those First Impressions things which Brandy Mychals talks about which I appear to be failing miserably!)



14 Responses to “Reducing Static or Booking a Seat in Hell”
  1. Allison says:

    Well, it’s an interesting idea to bring Hitler into the convo… there’s a thing that’s been going around about who you would want as a leader… the guy who’s a womanizer, drunkard, smoker, etc… or the one who’s vegetarian, doesn’t drink, has only one woman… on and on.
    The former turns out to be Churchill and the latter is Hitler.

    Of the people you mentioned, I know, would recognize or care about none of them, or what they think. I have heard Lady Gaga, though and to be honest, liked her. Don’t know much about the meat dress.

    On the other hand, I stopped being interested in Sean Connery, whom I had considered the sexiest man on the planet even as he aged (as I was also doing!) at the moment I heard him exclaim that he actually believed women should be knocked around from time to time.

    On the third hand, the tobacco companies “donate” huge sums of money to cultural, sporting and other events in order to be seen as having a heart and pure motives. Do we believe it? I don’t, but am glad they made possible the things I enjoy but couldn’t pay for on my own.

    In the end, I chalk it up to : Life is complex and so are people.

  2. I do think people’s motives matter, but I think giant conglomerates like Carl’s Junior have no idea how to engage on social media, so they revert to what they’ve always done and use high paid star power.

    What your voicing is the need to feel noticied as an individual consumer – don’t think we’ll ever get that from all the companies that advertise on t.v., etc – they’re just too big.

    But we can satisfy that need by supporting small business and those business owners who “get it” and meet us here every day on the some (social media) highway with real interaction and value added content. That’s who I’m giving my hard earned money to!

    Sharon Hiebing
    Follow Your Dream Compass

  3. Laine D. says:

    I see your point! I’m not really ‘in’ to most of the people on this list “dying” for AIDS either – but I have teenage daughters so I’ve heard the music, quite honestly Usher and Alicia Keyes turn out good music (not that I would buy it) . I don’t doubt that they are sincere in their efforts, they are big stars who won’t really gain anything by stepping up – although of course Lady Gaga is known for her shock antics (like the meat dress).

    All relationships personal and otherwise are based on a critical path analysis – Did they do anything right / Did they do anything wrong/ If they did something wrong was it significant enough for me to detach from them. Obviously the case with you and Connery.

    With Kardashian (and her sisters), She has always irritated me! I feel she is the poster child of being paid for doing nothing and behaving badly while she does it! So my post was based on how can I still dislike her when she is apparently doing something worthwhile, (although the duplicity of being ransomed by the people you pitch to seemed absurd). I was just being reaction and think it was the pose in the coffin that did it! LOL.

    Life is complex but sometimes people just buy the product because it comes in a nice box!
    Interesting discussion Thanks!

    Laine D.

  4. Great post Laine, and I’m happy you voiced what many of us feel.

    I completely DO NOT understand today’s definition of “celebrity”. It used to be that a celebrity was a person who has excelled in their talent, business, good deeds, etc… Sure, there were the “infamous” and those folks had created great disruption to others.

    But today, “celebrity” includes the kids of rich or famous parents, illiterate reality “stars” and folks who behave in undesirable ways.

    And, to close my addition to your little rant, who in their right mind would care about what the Kardashian’s are eating?!?

  5. Laine D. says:

    Hey Sharon,

    As I said to Allison, I know I’m being uncharitable complaining about people doing the right thing for the wrong reason! I guess this particular woman’s ‘falseness’ (word?) just rubs me wrong… she’s just some vacuous bimbo who has a good business manager selling her body. Probably part of my angst is she’s selling to my kids (actually she isn’t because neither one is on ‘new’ media) so, it must be because I think this medium should be small business and individuals being more ethical πŸ˜€ – What can I tell you I’ve been reading too much Seth Godin, Brian Solis, Nate Riggs and Gary Vaynerchuk et al!

    You’re correct about large brands using tried and true methods of buying space in the new media. Of course , pre twitter ad’s Ford, Zappos, etc. did develop ‘a voice’ of their own not totally about selling but aggregating information on safety, recycling, ecology, membership groups and customer service – personally I find that more acceptable. As the social media voice of a vitamin company – I do not sell (in face we do not sell our products direct) but aggregate new medical and scientific news to inform and educate.

    Blogging for me is the village voice that allows me to test my theories and see if I am still fit for society LOL! Very much like your compass idea. Maybe I should stick to recipes 0:(

    I also starting to realize that when you get involved in this type of challenge your posts become more reactive. I mainly write about reinvention and how we find our passion so testing our motives is a valid thing. Are we doing something because we care or to make money?

    Just me with a daily rant πŸ˜€
    I’m definitely opting to use my money with businesses that get it just like you!

    Laine D.
    “Aspire to Inspire”

  6. Laine D. says:

    Atticus & Heidi,

    Kindred spirits – Thank you! I knew I loved you guys for a reason.

    Maybe I’m just getting old and ‘crotchety’ but your definition fits completely! I’ve written before about the age of people behaving badly, also known as “Reality TV”… and the fact that the TV and Newsmedia celebrate it!

    Obviously I’m emotionally attached to social media because I feel it necessary to ‘protect’ it πŸ˜€

    Thanks for joining in on my rant. Your articles are always so well thought out and considered so you make me feel less rabid!

    Laine D.

  7. I do think motives matter, and I will not give the time of day to celebrities who live such hypocrisies. That said, I’m still glad if they at least donate money. We need the money from those with big bucks, even if they are foul people.

    A good rant.

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer

  8. Laine D. says:

    Definitely Judy – I have no issue with them saying it with their checkbook! Not sure about them using charities as a method to get publicity.

    Thanks for the support.

    Laine D.

  9. I have to say that I agree with you Laine. First of all being famous for being famous seems totally absurd to me. I dislike the idea that people who are famous are “selling” things that they would never eat or use or do. Trickery of the worst kind, using your “power” to sway fans, goes against the grain of being authentic. Making money is great, as long as it is something you believe in. If famous people use their influence to get behind good causes, I applaud them.

    Jennifer Duchene
    The Home Makeover Mixtress

  10. I do think motives matter too and I’ll tell you that I reckon someone as vacuous as Kim Kardashian has someone write her tweets for her and has no CLUE that she has signed off for Aids – and a few others are on the list too I think. Their publicity machines kick in and they have little idea what’s being done in their name. Unfortunately for those that do really have a personality and do actually care they are damned if you do and damned if you don’t as they get associated with the famous for doing little types….
    Oh – and I’m enjoying your writing being a little less planned and edited – very freeing and bringing out the real Laine I think :)
    Louise Edington

  11. Laine D. says:

    Thanks Louise!

    It seems so ill spirited to complain about someone doing something for a good cause but I think you’re right she is probably just as ditsy as she looks!

    At least she doesn’t blog! LOL. πŸ˜€

    You know how passionate I am about truth and transparency because you are the same way.

    Less planned and edited – I’m still agonizing but.. and trying to add more links to break it up πŸ˜€ You won’t be seeing me in front of a camera any time soon. Not sure how you do it – blogging every day Phew! Glad the real me is coming out – although I think I went back to geek girl on the next one!

    Laine D.

  12. Laine D. says:

    It is dishonest isn’t it! I took a chance writing this, thinking it was perhaps a little too contentious but decided I wasn’t being true to myself or those who read my drivel if I didn’t say what I thought.

    I always admired the stars who wouldn’t endorse things they didn’t use… and the are various ones out there right now who seem to be selling everything! I can only assume that a) the royalty checks dropped off b) they’re total shopaholics c) or so self obsessed that must see themselves on TV every hour or a combination of all 3.

    Lets keep our applause for the good guys!

    Laine D.


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