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Friends…… by Colleen M. Fetz

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They love you, but they are not your lover.

They care for you, but they are not from your family.

They are ready to share your pain, but they are not a blood relation.

They are……..FRIENDS!

A True friend…

Scolds like a DAD.

Cares like a MOM.

Teases like a SISTER.

Irritates like a BROTHER.

A good friend will support you when you get in trouble,

A great one will be sitting right next to you.

Contact an old one,  or make a new one today…..!



3 Responses to “Friends…… by Colleen M. Fetz”
  1. admin says:

    Well having posted this message from Colleen, I’m now going to be cheeky and dedicate it to several people!

    ~ Colleen, (of course) who put up with much in the name of being a pal.. she went up a mountain, went fishing with me & Jeff and didn’t flinch once when I drove an automatic for the 1st time (although that might have been the Bloody Mary’s she & Jeff had been swilling) and even went to a C & W bar so I could 2-step with cowboys!

    ~ Louise, a warm voice from home even though we met while ‘Abroad’ – a constant source of inspiration, ally and partner in mutual mentorship. Looking forward to all of the trouble we can get into.

    ~ Lindsey, the popular kid who I would still think was cool even if she wasn’t my sister. (*although I will never forget that I left you for 1 minute and you got covered in tar!)

    ~ Donna, my former and much missed shopping buddy ~ Who else will tell me the truth when my ass looks like something that escaped from Laura Ashley in the 70’s!

    Miss you! but whenever I do speak to you its as if no time has passed. For all that has gone before and all that will come in the future.
    Laine D

  2. A beautiful poem. I have a very special friend that is like a sister to me. In fact when I have a sister outing I often invite her.

  3. admin says:

    Isn’t it wonderful when you connect with someone that closely…

    Unfortunately my sister is thousands of miles away (5013 miles) to be exact…. but luckily I have some stand ins, I think of them as being the sisters I would have chosen 😀


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