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Change vs a Sea of Sameness

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According to Webster’s Concise English Thesaurus (published by Geddes & Grosset in 2005) the meaning of this term is:

Change vb  1. (We have to change the arrangements for this meeting) alter, modify, vary, reorganize, transform.  2. (She had changed completely since I last saw her) alter, be transformed, metamorphose.  3. (She has changed jobs) switch.

According to the dictionary 'change' isn't a scary word - no pictures of monsters

According to the dictionary 'change' isn't a scary word

Hmm!  Strangely none of these phrases are negative or even vaguely scary, and oddly the sample wording is verbatim!

So why exactly are we afraid of change?   What fills us with dread?  or fear, or butterflies, or leaves us with inability to catch our breath?   Shouldn’t we be more concerned by a lack of change?  The never ending sea of sameness.   It would seem that we are not really afraid of change but rather failing at it!

My Latin is rusty but instead of Carpe Diem (seize the day) can’t we Carpe Vita (seize life) ?  Grab life by the scruff of (its) neck and shake it!

Just a thought… but :) Laine

Transformation and metamorphosis can be good at least for a Butterfly

Transformation and Metamorphosis can be good at least for a Butterfly



22 Responses to “Change vs a Sea of Sameness”
  1. Paul Novak says:

    “Grab life by the scruff of (its) neck and shake it!”

    Oh, I’m sure many of us would like to. Unfortunately, life seems to have a way of grabbing a hold of us by seat of the pants first!;)

  2. Well I have for the most part always welcomed change in my life – I find it impossible to sit still and vegetate. Sometimes unplanned change throws me off for a short while but then I soon adjust.

  3. There have been times I’ve loved the change and times I have feared it. As a teenaged kid I feared it, but as a grown man I thrive on it. I want change to come sooner and more explosive, but if it can come to me in a more positive manner that would be appreciated. When I look back even my most sorry jobs have been things that I looked back on with a great smile on my face. Even the bad things help in the long run. Carpe Vita indeed, Laine. I love your clear and concise posts. :)

  4. admin says:

    Thanks Dennis
    Change as a teenager can be tough, and is so absolute I remember leaving home and suffering with homesickness and going 350 miles home every weekend! I finally embraced it , although after the fact, unfortunately but found that I had moved on I just hadn’t realized it.
    Like you I found that even when the experience isn’t good what I learn from it is… I’ve done lots of crazy stuff and although I have a tendency to over analyze, mostly when I JUMP in things work out well (although there was that time in New Orleans….!!)

    Maybe its an age thing …I’m realizing time is running out now (getting old) and that if I’m going to do it ~ I have to do it now.

    Glad you like my posts – hope you will come back often and share.
    Laine D

  5. admin says:

    I know the feeling Louise – I can’t believe I’ve been in one place so long. Time for a change, although I’m starting with mindset and personal growth first on this journey.


  6. admin says:

    C’mon Paul – LOL! You’re just feeling beaten up right now, you have come so far with your transformation ….
    When life bites, bite back! Remember your Shakespeare (sic) Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or take arms against the sea of troubles and by opposing end them…………

  7. Paul Novak says:

    Oh, I’m biting back. Just have a lot to chew on. I have a few different cycles it seems. Work furiously, coast, drag, plow through like a blind bull until things get back to normal…The last month has been plowing through and at the moment I’m stil a bit beat, but change has one thing going for it, and it is that nothing ever stays the same. Until I can coast again I’ll just keep plowing through. At least I stll move forward;)

  8. admin says:

    😀 Look how far you have come! I love your blog and its content. I know it sucks when people want you to discount your service but the answer is “sure I could do a half as***d job for half the money just like the overseas providers you don’t want to employ but when you want to do something properly call me – I charge the right price for the right job (and only charge you 150% to fix what they’ve screwed up) because I do understand the nuances of the language)”

    Keep the faith – quality is what it is all about!

    PS if you know a good wordpress person, (mine- US provider!) flaked out and didn’t finish) :(.


  9. Laine…i love this post. I’ve never been afraid of change, in fact I am often an instigator of it. I am definitely more afraid of sameness…boring. I do think that in the extreme, both sides of the coin, too afraid of change – too afraid of sameness, can get you in trouble. You got me thinking. Thanks.

  10. Mari-Lyn says:

    I usually welcome change..ok there might be a couple of things that I don’t like change, when my computer doesn’t work the way I like it. Otherwise, bring it on.

    There is always something new to learn, to do, to be better in life about.

  11. admin says:


    That’s the idea – take the initiative and control the change rather than allow change to control you. Anything that allows me to learn something even the negative things can be turned into something positive.

    Loved your article on bullying.


  12. admin says:

    Hi Darcie.

    I’ve witness how you take on change and challenge… very positive.

    I love the fact that you are taking advantage of our economic woes to educated women about how to handle their investments and maximize the effect of what they can save. Real empowerment in adversity.

    I hope to be able to share your story and information about your free course soon.

    One of my favorite sayings (actually the motto of the Royal Air Force) is “Per Ardua ad Astra” which can alternatively mean “through hard work (or adversity) to the stars”. In other words it doesn’t matter how lofty your goal – if you work as hard as possible you can do it!

    You may find my recent article about visualizing your goals of interest, especially for those ladies who find it had to focus on investments – money in itself is hard to picture Dream World or Dream Life

    Laine D

  13. Things that do not change are dead. The only thing you can really count on in life is that everything changes. The minute you think you have something licked… wham, back you go into a learning curve.

    Some love this aspect of life. Others are sapped by lack of confidence whenever they are robbed of predictability.

    Children, because they have less ability to predict, do not mind change as much as adults, who know how to do it, but dread having to.

  14. Diane says:

    I enjoy change, especially change of place. If I could spend all my time travelling I would. Not the kind of “if this is Tuesday it must Belgium” travel, but the kind where you dig in for a while and really get the feel of the land, people and culture. There is always that fear at the beginning of the journey but hey, get over it, right?

  15. admin says:

    I agree completely Rosanne!

    There was a time in my life when I kept a bag packed at all time because my itinerary was so fluid.

    After years of moving every couple of years I came to the US with 2 young children and managed to get stuck mentally and physically for a long period (health issues, divorce etc). It’s only recently that I’ve been able to release things, clearing out to move on and I like whats happening. In the change I’m finding myself.

    Hope to catch up on your blog again soon.

  16. admin says:

    Hi Diane,

    Loved your piece about the BP building.

    I was never one for 40 mile an hour tourism! I watched our squadron mates in Italy do 4 countries and 15 cities in 5 days… Like you I have to drink in the culture, hang out where the locals do, get adopted ~ basically I like to travel but refuse to be a tourist and I’ve had the most amazing experiences because of it.

    Remember the only thing to fear is fear itself… that feeling you have is just anticipation 😀
    I’ll have to remember to put you on my list of potential traveling buddies!

  17. I’ve always enjoyed traditions, ritual, the reappearance of flowers every Spring, etc. I struggle sometimes with change, but I know that it’s generally a good thing. The worst thing is getting in a rut, doing the same thing over and over. Change brings joy, excitement, stimulation. Thanks for a good post, and something to consider.

  18. Paul Novak says:

    Wish I could help you with finding a WordPress guru. I do all mine myself and although I can do quite a bit, would never feel comfortable with working on someome elses until I had a full grasp.

  19. admin says:

    Thanks for thinking about it Paul – If you reach your comfort zone let me know.

    My needs are fairly simple… I tried to install the new “tweet this” but it obscured or overwrote the 1st word of content – had to deactivate. Would like a Blog roll – so I can share you guys, twitter/ facebook buttons, change of font?

    Doc Sheldon does some pretty nifty stuff I may ask him – he has a tool bar.


  20. admin says:

    Hi John,

    A true pleasure to have such a word meister visit!

    I agree tradition is wonderful as are the patterns set in our lives like Spring and Autumn, coming from the old world I am definitely rooted in them.

    The change that is necessary is personal change, I think particularly after a loss or shift in your life the temptation is to get rid of everything or keep everything ~ I fell into the later category. In order to rebuild we need to knock down the old structure – so whether it is a minor change, or a major one its always good to have the option ~ sometimes considering change is enough.

    I’m thinking in terms of renaissance and the new growth after a forest fire. We all need to extend our limitations and grasp for the previously unattainable or how will we know what we are capable of.
    Aspire to Inspire

  21. Laine D. says:

    I would be interested in trading posts – but hate spam!

    send me your direct contact info


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