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Answer for Soggy Cellphone Syndrome

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Did you cellphone take a dip in the sink, pool*, or  loo (eww!)

However or wherever it happened – we all know of someone it happened to.  It is definitely an expensive event but can also cost you more in terms of  loss of data and photos!  (not everyone carries a camera but most of us carry a phone with built in image capture plus who can afford to lose their contact list).

So before declaring all to be lost try this:

* Remove the back from the phone

* place in a small box or bowl

* cover in uncooked rice (real rice not minute rice)

* leave for 24-36 hours.

The rice will act as a desiccant and wick away the moisture.  As an alternative you can use those little packs of silica gel ~ if you can find enough around your home.

*I know several people who had this happen to them.  One friend had just returned from being backstage at the Rolling Stones concert with bunches of pics.  Unfortunately on reaching home he leaned over his pool to retrieve something forgetting his phone was in his shirt pocket – Splosh! Luckily with this tip he was able to retrieve some of the content.

Hope it works for you. If you have any tips you would like to share contact us.


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