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Adventures in Reality

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Reality used to be life, but now Reality is TV or Virtual. So what do we call life? Not ‘in Reality’!

We are all deluged with reality programs whether on Survivor in the jungles & wild places of the world, Donald Trump’s Board Room (wild places of the world!) or the ultimate camp experience of Biggest Loser. This is the era of Reality TV and frequently of people behaving badly!

It has never been a genre which held much charm for me although I will admit to a weakness for Loser, less for the politics and game play and more for the weight loss (not that I will admit to needing to lose 5-10lb).

It has occurred to me that while these programs ‘emulate’ life and encourage ‘game play’ to increase ratings (based on he who is most controversial wins) our preference  should be to deal with ethical individuals in …reality!

When I read Jeannine Clontz’ article “An Entrepreneur’s Adventure”, I was struck with the humanity, pathos and determination of the woman.  Her adventures have been a fight to be ethically treated and a determination to ‘play the game’ the best way possible.  The journey to self actualization as well as success should be to know your strengths and weaknesses and plan accordingly.

To be able to use the learning experience as a tool for others means this is someone I wouldn’t vote off the island.

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Jeannine Clontz owns Accurate Business Service; a Virtual Assistant practice which specializes in providing support & assistance for professionals in real estate, public speakers, coaches and consultants.  Jeannine is an author, writer, speaker and VA Business Coach and has recently been appointed President of the International Virtual Assistants Assn.

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4 Responses to “Adventures in Reality”
  1. Julie Hume says:

    I must admit that The Biggest Losers is a guilty pleasure of mine. It is the most manipulative and corny bit of programming and you know the producers are yanking your chain everytime Jillian gets that syrupy, intense look on, (that means she is getting to the real root of the problem), but… but seeing those people regain their lives is just inspiring and wonderful.

  2. Laine says:

    Hey Julie,

    I agree totally, Biggest Loser does the same for me… but the politics and the ‘game’ is just too much to bear. I much prefer those who play the game straight. It’s great that they try, and that Bob & Jillian push them – all ratings based of course (Bob was always the straight as an arrow dude but then consistently lost to Jillian’s black team, interestingly enough Jillian’s solo show has a more positive ethic). The machinations and the conspiracies just don’t work for me.

    Maybe that’s the difference between TV and real life.. on TV the game is more important while in life we want people who play it straight and don’t cheat. Or do we? As they tell us frequently good guys always finish last, and women look for the bad boy not the nice man (I do! ). Or are we so desperate that we will take what we can get! For more on that topic, read my article “Women of a Certain Age”

    In real life, do you want to deal with the straight shooter or the manipulator?


  3. Funny to say but the manipulator used to attract me a lot more than the nice ones (in real life). They´re interesting, they´re unpredictable and there´s always a surprise. My life was like a roller-coaster and my mood swings went from zero to a thousand. Exciting!!
    And I guess that´s what attracts the audience to those shows, too! But in real life, isn´t it so much nicer to have inner balance and be surrounded by people who mean well and don´t cheat. But that´s a lesson you learn by experience.. and so I don´t watch those shows any more, I want to be excited by the beauty of nature and so many other things 😉

  4. admin says:

    Hi Franziska,

    There have been a few of those in my life too…. in fact there are still some! Very exciting to be around but not renowned for being ‘there’ for anyone but themselves. As a society I think we focus too much on those behaving badly… the Tiger Woods (sorry not exciting just ‘into’ himself, George Lopez (who left his wife after 20 yrs of marriage and AFTER she gave him her kidney!!), Kim Kardasian ~ who is famous for what? , so many programs: Jersey Girls, Bridezilla, … I don’t watch them either but they’re on everywhere!

    Sometimes its just nice to see good people thrive! (like you!)

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