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In Celebration of Mother’s Day

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As Mother’s Day arrives – I challenged some of my amazing women friends to share a little about the inspirational women in their lives.

My friend Susan Finch wrote this………

In celebration of Mother’s Day I would like to highlight a few important women from my past and present:My mother who helped me make a friend of myself when I was around 10 and quite lonely. I’d chased away a lot of people and she helped me discover that it’s OK to be alone and enjoy it. I also learned that by being my own friend, I was a better friend. This was huge and had helped me ever since. She died in 2003. I miss her terribly. She was fun and supported me in EVERYTHING I dove into, including inspiring me to start Binky Patrol.

My Auntie Carmen is our family matriarch, at 90. She is a living saint. She’s taught me to choose my battles with my children and enjoy my children instead of proving a point. She comes from a place of pure love with everything she says and does.

My sister is my never-ending champion and sometimes misguided voice of reason. I love her for who she is, exactly as she is. She does her best to help promote every endeavor, is willing to learn from me and open to my ideas. She tried to save me from my first marriage; I wasn’t willing to listen to her ideas. Duoh!

My godmother was my mother’s best friend. She has stories locked away about my mom, her pregnancy with me, and mom’s dreams for me which no one else in my family had knowledge of. She walks with God all the time and has helped me understand that I have a direct line.

I can’t pick one. I am a collection and continuing tapestry of these women and more.

Susan Finch is a web solutions provider, graphic design, author, girl scout troop leader, and artist. She drops most nights and passes out within minutes. Her greatest joys in her professional life come from giving her client the knowledge and confidence to take control of their online presence and only pull her in come up with marketing strategies and “client-do-lists,” support, training and design. She is a cheerleader and advocate to her clients. She boasts that she’s had some clients for over 14 years and treasures them all.

She is also the Founder/President at Binky Patrol Comforting Covers for Kids


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