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Invest Yourself.

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We are all constantly pressured to make investments! Despite the state of the stock & real estate markets and the losses everyone has suffered we are still deluged with marketing that now is a good time to reap the rewards of a down market.  While that is true, many no longer have the funds to invest or are too gun shy to see what little they have left disappear in another downward spiral (feeling it is much  like throwing away the baby with the bathwater).

There are some investments that are safe though, don’t worry I’m not advocating rolling over your 401K into something “safe” or taking the cash out from under the mattress to buy gold!  The investment I refer to is investing in people and applies to effort as much as money.

As we approach Mother’s Day I thought it particularly fitting that my next inspiring woman found her inspiration from her Mom & female relatives.  Leah Oviedo realized that her Mom’s idea of service, (starting a woman’s shelter) didn’t suit her but knew that she wanted to do something.  As her business grew she found her own way to invest in women.

Leah has found success in business manager and internet marketing and ran an online boutique for a number of years.  As her career has progressed and adapted she realized that she is more effective when she collaborates with other businesses.  With a background in fashion design, accounting and Internet marketing, she realized she had a talent for PR and logo design and now offers these services through Investing In Women.

Leah realized that women more than most could benefit from their own small business but are too hard pressed financially to start off on a strong footing.  Investing in Women sponsors a micro grant program for women business owners in the USA.   IIW seeks to empower women through education and appreciation and encourages collaboration between business owners.

Remember, by investing our time and effort to strengthen those around us we are actually serving ourselves too!



4 Responses to “Invest Yourself.”
  1. Leah Oviedo says:

    Thank you for sharing the grant program with more people Laine. It is great to see get others involved in supporting women business owners!

  2. Laine says:

    It may take a village to raise a child but a woman is less than whole without girlfriends to support her. What you are doing is a wonderful way to pay it back & forward!

  3. Invest in yourself…. absolutely! This shoulds be the very first investment that everyone should do.

  4. admin says:

    I think sometimes as a woman, wife, mother, etc.. we can come further down the list but just like that oxygen on the airplane – if we look after ourselves we are in a better position to help others.

    Thanks for visiting
    Laine D

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