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Passionate People

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We live in a strange world! Stranger by the moment. How long has it been since you chatted with more than your closest neighbours? In my neighborhood it takes an act of God (monsoon flooding, high winds) or at least Halloween.   When I moved to the states from a series of military bases overseas (always a very tight knit community) I thought I was moving to Walton’s Mountain.  What I got was a nice cookie cutter neighborhood where most enter the house through the garage and are gone until the next morning.  Gone is our friendly, nurturing village environment and it is easy to go several days without meaningful interaction.

My work too kept me in a small office,  a subsidiary of a larger office and except for the occasional meetings and the odd educational forum the large part of my daily contact with fellow staff or clients was via phone or email.  I know people,  a lot of people and can probably say that I have had a positive impact on their lives and vice versa but they aren’t exactly local.  We don’t get to hang… as it were.

In an effort to offset this isolation I took my kids to groups, but of course that was all about them – as an older Mum I didn’t have much in common with other parents who seemed to have an average age of 28 – (not that there is anything wrong with 28 but it was a long time ago for me).  As the girls have grown older I realize that I never bothered to do anything to pursue expanding my ” village”, until recently that is.

After realizing that I wanted to inspire and network women equally isolated by their circumstances, I started working on this website.  Of course  the website and the writing have become only part of it, per the “If you give a mouse a cookie” method it becomes necessary to feed,  water and nurture the monster you have created!  I began visiting forums to find out what the H E double hockey sticks I was doing.

In the process I joined several groups and have come across a multitude of amazing people (women & men) who are passionate, purposeful and driven about what they do.  Everyone seems to have multiple facets to their lives and  a determination to give back or add to their community.   Of course I am still unlikely to recognize them walking down the aisle of the local supermarche but I ‘m lucky to have an insight into the inner workings of their soul.

Marcia Bloomberg is one of those people.  As soon as I read her introduction to our group (Connect and Collaborate on LinkedIn) I knew I had to be as eloquent as possible in entreating her to write an article.   Luckily she is also extremely warm and friendly!  so it didn’t take much – but I was willing to beg.

Having spent her life working for a variety of nonprofits, a move to a new area left her in a new environment wondering “what’s next”.    She decided to use her knowledge  of a particularly specialized niche to not only continue her service to the community but better enable others to do so.   Her warmth, kindness and passion for everything she does comes through, even in print!

I hope Marcia’s story “Passion and Purpose are the Prize” inspires you to continue on your journey with an extra spring in your step.

I   look forward to sharing the stories of other inspirational women with you.   While Marcia’s passion is the world of nonprofit,  inspiration comes in all environments:  business, art, literature, science, exploration, the environment, parenting, networking, overcoming illness, education, preservation, service, friendship etc. etc.

If you would like to share your story or the story of a woman/the women who inspired you please contact me.


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