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Passion and Purpose are the Prize

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I was very touched when asked  to write a bit about how I “found my passion”.  Although sometimes it feels more like how I found my “poison” (days when I’d really rather stay in bed and read a good murder mystery), I have been lucky enough to be able to create an on-line business that brings me great satisfaction.

For over 20 years I worked in the nonprofit field in New England and Ohio and upon moving back to New England from Cleveland in 2007 I needed to find a job.  We moved back east to be closer to family and friends after 16 years in the Midwest.  Well, jobs here in western Massachusetts are not easy to come by, at least not for me, as a 60 year old woman.  Having had many years of experience in staff supervision and believing I might use that experience as a life and leadership coach I got my coaching certification in June 2008.  Were clients waiting on my doorstep for my newfound wisdom and skill?  Well, it seems not………………..

However, the experience of learning about the techniques and philosophy of coaching had a transformative effect on my life.  I began to really see possibilities, to explore my interests, to trust my intuition.  I literally had a spontaneous idea one day to create a web-based directory of consultants, coaches, vendors and other specialists who serve the nonprofit community in order to connect them to nonprofits who could use their experience and expertise.

I didn’t know anything about building a website or growing a business, but I found a company called Stores On Line that specializes in building and hosting business websites and I was on my way.  With a lot of phone assistance from SOL I created the NonProfit National Resource Directory website and invited a few folks who were serving nonprofits to list their services for free in order to “seed” the directory.

I began building a database of potential specialists from consultants and coaches I found on the internet.  I contacted them via email and introduced the idea of the NonProfit National Resource Directory.  Remarkably some of them took me up on the listing offer almost without hesitation, paying $50 for a 12 month full page listing in the directory.

Over the last 15 months the directory has grown to include 140 paying specialists   and our scope has expanded to include sponsoring teleseminars relevant to nonprofit organizations  all presented by our  resource specialists.  They cover an ever widening range of topics including:  Social Media for Nonprofits; Conducting a Capital Campaign; and Making the Case for Support and, we already have a full schedule of teleseminars confirmed through November 2010.

Another addition to the directory is a monthly e-newsletter sent to nonprofits called “Give Us 10 Minutes (and we’ll give you): Support on Issues of Import, Concern and Challenge to the Nonprofit Sector”.

Although the directory is just about supporting itself (and not yet me) I am excited about the connections I am making between my specialists and the nonprofits who can benefit from their services.  I introduce each teleseminar with the following words:

“The work of the nonprofit sector is essential to the well-being of our society.  Millions of Americans rely on you to provide services that support their physical and mental health, their educational aspirations, their religious and spiritual needs, their quest for happiness and fulfillment, their hopes and dreams for themselves, their families and their communities.  Here you will find those who will partner with you, as you guide your organization into the future.”

I still get a thrill each day when I open my computer and see the NonProfit National Resource Directory website on my screen.  It’s real; it’s something I created out of a wish to follow my purpose and I am passionate about sharing it with nonprofit organizations in order to help them fulfill their purpose.

I wholeheartedly believe that we can envision our future and make it real.  It definitely takes time, patience and some frustration and, yes there are some days when you feel it would be better to stay in bed but in the end, there is pride, passion, and a sense of purpose as the prize.

Passion and Purpose are the Prize by Marcia Bloomberg ©

Marcia Bloomberg, owner of The Bloomberg Group manages the NonProfit
National Resource Directory. The Directory encompasses 140 specialists,
consultants, coaches, and vendors serving the nonprofit community and
is growing every week; Marcia also sponsors teleseminars and publishes
a monthly e-newsletter on topics pertinent to nonprofits both featuring
materials developed by Directory specialists.
Marcia lives in Greenfield MA and can be reached at:
Phone:    413-325-3196
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