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It’s the thought that counts

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How many times has someone trotted out this tired phrase to you?

As a Mom/Mum I know I’ve used it when my daughters have received something ill thought out.

How many times has a gift left you gasping not with joy but with horror? Leaving you with the feeling of being unloved or unappreciated.  Dr Gary Chapman includes gift giving as one of his Five Love Languages as a universal sign of caring, love and respect.

Is it true that it’s the thought that counts though’?

In many cases yes,  buying something nice but inexpensive is absolutely acceptable, not everyone has inexhaustible funds, especially in this economy.  Getting CZ instead of diamonds,  silver or plated jewelry  instead of gold but if someone just couldn’t be bothered but sent something as a stop gap!!!  Personally I’d rather get a card or note that said “sorry I didn’t know what to buy you, can I treat you to a coffee/lunch/dessert”.   The feeling is not quite the same if its said, and a note says they did take the time to do something.

Gift cards and checks are a necessary evil and asset especially when sent with an novel delivery.  A small plant pot with an envelope inside and instructions to “grow your own money tree” .

One of my friends laughingly talks about the family check, the one that gets passed around at holidays.

With that in mind, what is the least thoughtful (worst) gift you’ve ever received?

I once received:

a coaster (stuffed with Pot pourri)

an investment magazine.

Since these were from my significant other,  lets just say I wasn’t impressed!  Of course if he had made it a subscription or included a check for $20 – 50 or even added a nice mug and a collection of Tea I wouldn’t have been offended  (he was not in financially dire straits or anything ~ just that Washington blinks when he remembers the combination of his wallet and basically he used our title as a catchall excuse for not bothering).

Actually one Christmas  my Mother in Law once sent me – a Turkey baster.  Maybe that explains why he thought a magazine was a good gift!



2 Responses to “It’s the thought that counts”
  1. Yvette says:

    Well, my worst gift was the last Christmas (in 2000) spent with my ex-husband and in-laws before they became ex’s. Normally for Christmas I would receive nice gifts, however, imagine my surprise when my mother-in-law gift was a little jewelry box made out of cardboard (the type you’d give a 4 to 6 year old) with a fake gold child’s necklace. That’s when I knew it was the end of her “Love” for me. Why even bother? When I look back; I laugh my head off at this awful gift.

  2. Laine says:

    Poor Yvette,
    At least you get to laugh at their expense, but how sad that they could not treat you for you rather than their sons relationship with you. The Turkey Baster I received wasn’t even at the end of the relationship! I probably should have taken the hint.

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