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Bulking up to reduce your bottom line

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No,  not the new wonder diet!  except for its possible affect on your household expenses. We’ve been told for a long time that buying in bulk is more cost effective – which can be true * be sure to look at the cost per unit price to make sure you’re getting the best deal.  It is also the ecologically sound option – less packaging!

However, unless you have a family of strapping lumberjacks or budding football players who all want to eat the same thing,  it can be daunting on more than one level!  Storage and spoilage being the main issues, after all there is no point in saving money is you have to:  store them forever, or throw half of the produce away – that’s just a waste of time and effort.

Consider,  forming a co-op group with your friends,  family, co-workers, mom’s group, playdate/church crowd,  or team parents (snack for games)  etc.   No-one is too proud to save some money right now!  Make up a produce list, you may want to take turns (or volunteer to do it if you know someone is hard pressed) and split out  the goodies at your next get together.  The savings will more than make up for the cost of the coffee and it provides a good excuse to network!

It is even possible to share a membership at one of the big warehouse stores (in fact that’s a good idea even when you don’t co-op on the groceries and supplies)  or if someone volunteers to make a trip to a farmers market or ‘pick your own’ venue  you can split the cost of fuel.

Sometimes the key to being frugal is sharing the bounty!


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