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Little Blue Pill

February 25, 2010 by  
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OK I’ll admit it, I know I have a weird sense of humor but...

does it strike anyone else as laughable when the catchall phrases at the end of television ads come on….

“In case of erections lasting more than 4 hours contact a Doctor”… What did they think the reaction would be, say a prayer of thanks and throw a party.  After all its just supporting what we’ve always known ladies!  Men have 2 brains and only enough blood supply to run one at a time 😀

Someone is obviously  just worried that our newly equipped pole vaulter could be declared brain dead while wandering around with ‘a gun in his pocket’ and a big smile on his face.  Especially if the woman in his life is yelling “oh do stop playing with that thing” or worse still “put it away”!

As I said I have a weird sense of humor!


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