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Another way to go Green – save Ca$h and be Eco friendly

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Did you know that many modern faucets come with a lifetime guarantee!

If you have a leaking/dripping tap contact the manufacturer and they will send you the replacement piece for just the cost of shipping.

As well as getting rid of the Chinese water torture – drip, drip, drip-drip – you will save yourself on average 3 gallons of water a day- which is over 1,000 gallons per year , energy savings too if its the hot tap!

The cost of water varies widely based on the area you live in,  but no matter how much it is,  “many a muckle maks a mickle” to quote Scottish Bard – Rabbie “Robert” Burns or for those who do not speak in the vernacular:  many pennies make a pound (a penny saved is a penny in your pocket).

For more information check out the manufacturer’s website


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