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What is age anyway?

November 18, 2009 by  
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I’ve been thinking about age a lot lately, most of the time I don’t feel old… (unless my kids are bickering – when I feel ancient! totally….).

Of course then I look in the mirror and wonder who that old lady is?.. that’s the time when you lift your chin, slide your index fingers along your jaw line and try to lift your ears like Dopey from Snow White to ease the crinkles at the corner of your eyes (LOL). Yes, admit it you do it too!

What happened to our youth? Did I waste it? For the longest time you have to fight to prove that you are old enough to do what you want.. getting carded etc. I remember getting stopped in my sports car because the Bobby (Police Officer) thought I was too young and must have nicked it!

In my case I looked like I was in my late teens until I was about 30 ~
and then suddenly this Lady is looking back at me from the other side of the mirror.

Sigh! no regrets ~ I enjoyed myself in order to get those smile lines, and the odd Grey hair that avoids the tweezers (my bathroom mirror has lights all around and the Grey hairs like to wave!) so its not the color I object to, it’s the fact that they are far more ‘social’ than the rest of my hair! Honest.

Nothing that a vat of good face cream and a bunch of facial exercises can’t fix! Maybe I’ll try out to be a cougar.


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