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What font should I use?

November 13, 2009 by  
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I am moving into the world of texting & blogging quite successfully I thought! But there seems to be a gap in my education.

– I know it is impolite to use all CAPS because this is considered to be SHOUTING.

– I know how to express my facial expressions via laughing out loud – LOL,
laughing with great abandon – LMAO, or complete hysterics – ROFLMAO although I have to wonder why my Ass is so intrinsically involved?

– I can tell someone I will be right back (brb) or I’ll see them later (CUL8R).

– I certainly know how to swear @*&#!

But.. just what font am I supposed to use for sarcasm?



2 Responses to “What font should I use?”
  1. Idahoshooter says:

    Italics :-)

  2. Laine says:


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