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The Voice of Reason:

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It was only after an ill-feted trip to a singing teacher with my then step-daughter that I was struck by an amazing realization.

I had gone along purely as moral support for a ‘desperate to be diva’ who was suffering first lesson nerves and I was reluctantly cajoled in to exercising my own vocal chords to put her at ease. Mariah Carey I’m not.

Much to my surprise the singing teacher told me that my singing voice was almost three octaves higher than my normal speaking voice. The teacher was a little surprised by the difference too, and as a consequence we talked about why and how this could happen. I’m not sure if she was also a psychologist in her spare time or just very wise, but when I explained my occupation she seems to smile knowingly.

It was then that I remembered something somebody told me that must have been lurking in my sub-conscious for four decades. My speaking voice is lower than it should be naturally because I have always worked in a 95% male dominated environment and I have altered the tone of my voice to fit in.

I have spent my lifetime coming to terms with being the younger of two daughters to a father who wanted boys. As a consequence I have consciously and sub-consciously spent my entire life trying to be the son that he so desperately wanted.

My career, my interests, my manner and even, it would seem my voice, have been effected by such a deluded bias that ‘boys are better than girls’ and a ‘man needs a son’.

Well guess what:

I have worked with upwards of 2,500 men over the past 20 years and there are certain things that they, I and we need to get straight.

My big Sister and I are beautiful, intelligent, tough and successful women and that’s in spite of our relationships with men and not because of them. We are not men haters! I am 5’5” and an American size 6, wear four inch heels and have peroxide hair. My sister is a flowing brunette with a curvaceous figure and a smile that would melt your heart. She has also brought up two beautiful and well balanced daughters of her own – single handed!

But the moral of my story is not for my Sister or myself, we know who and what we are, it’s for all those ladies out there who still aren’t sure.

I am proud to be my gender for many reasons:

Women are capable of the single most astounding feat, that of child birth, but that is just the tip of our iceberg. Women are more flexible and more able than men in everything. The possible exception being in our physical strength, but even that gap is getting smaller every day.

We are the givers of confidence, the providers of enthusiasm, we are the multi-talented jugglers of home and work and we still have time to be the compassionate support to our girl-friends when they are in need. We have grace and steel in equal measure and poise and grit by the bucket load.

We are hard working, determined and strong although our softer side still finds us crying over Bambi. We are gracious and eloquent, exuberant and funny but most of all we are a voice of reassurance in a world that surely needs it.

Irrespective of the fact that my career choice was a consequence of some odd desire to please a Father who has been dead for nearly 12 years, I am the Executive Manager of New Product launches in a worldwide Blue Chip Company. I earn a great salary, own my own home and sports car and holiday in exotic locations. I am living proof that all women have within them the ability to achieve great things because we are truly capable of it.

What is on my bucket list:

* To go back in time and show Dad what having a daughter is really about!



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  1. Donna says:

    Beautifully written! I really enjoyed all the site so far. Keep up the good work!

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