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A journey to…. find yourself!

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footprints in the sandWhat do you want to be when you grow up? How many times have you been asked that? Do you know the answer & Are you there yet?

A long time ago, before the Ark sailed my Junior 6th (Sophomore ) Sociology teacher, a young man in his mid twenties looked around an all girl class and asked “which gender is more socially mobile, men or women?” The answer was emphatic, everyone answered men! Mr. Mayer (yes I remember his name) grinned and shook his head ” Nope ~ women reinvent themselves in every stage of life, taking on the social class of their surroundings: as daughters, girlfriends, college students, venturing into the working world, as wives and as mothers.” He didn’t mention re-entering the working world because even in the late 70’s marriage was for life (this wasn’t Hollywood after all!) and middle class married women stayed at home and found hobbies.

What he was (unconsciously he was newly married so he may not have worked it out yet) saying was that women are chameleons, our social status climbs and falls reflecting that of our ‘cause celeb’ (be it boyfriend, husband or pet rock!). Maybe it’s the empathic nature that is instilled in us but for one reason or another, women can take bonding to an extreme – frequently at the expense of their own identity.

I have been a daughter, a college student, a girlfriend, a working woman, a wife, a widow, a wife, a mother to 2 daughters, a divorcee (why couldn’t I have been a widow again! with no offense to widows but my ex, is a total sh*t!) and a working woman.

I have tried to be all things to all people and for much of the journey I neglected only one person me! . At some point the light went on! Now I’m just me! And I’ll be who & what I damn well please.



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