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Got ink…

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Did you end up with splotch of  ink on your favorite blouse?  What a pain!

Several years ago a bunch of guys  visiting my house decided to sign my new lingerie (I wasn’t in it at the time or I may have appreciated the gesture more) ~ they were kinda famous and very cute, but my frilly’s were French! :(  This tip saved the lingerie! and their necks.

Try this – before consigning it to the rag or charity pile.**..Spray the area with hairspray and allow it to dry (doesn’t take long)- then launder as usual.    Check thoroughly before drying and IF the stain persists (do not place in the dryer) just repeat the process.  **Practice on something you don’t care about first!  so you know how much to use and how long it takes – I wouldn’t advise this on silk or for anything dry clean only!

This can also work on the lining of your fav’  purse,  but the washing should  be handled with a cotton bud dipped in a very mild solution of detergent and water (remember most purse linings are NOT designed to be laundered so be very careful ! and do not over wet the fabric or use too strong a solution of detergent),  rinse  by dabbing with a clean moistened cloth.


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